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Col­lec­tive Pri­vate Com­mis­sion­ing (CPC) is the future. People’s need to take their future in their own hands is grow­ing. CPC offers an oppor­tu­nity for peo­ple to have more influ­ence regard­ing hous­ing. That’s some­thing we wel­come. FARO designs ‘‘for peo­ple’’ and uses the ‘‘tailor’s con­cept’’. We like to cre­ate a tai­lored approach for every­one: cus­tomized accord­ing to pro­gram require­ments and loca­tion, and espe­cially tai­lored for users. Dis­cussing with end users in an early stage is inter­est­ing and chal­lenges us.

CPC projects

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

land­goed de olmen­horst
lis­ser­weg 487d
2165 as lisserbroek

ves­tig­ing oost
oude kraan 72
6811 ll arnhem

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