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Archi­tec­ture is fun and build­ing is constructive.

You already start draw­ing your own house as a young child. Or a school or fire sta­tion. Some peo­ple are roman­tic, and pre­fer a cas­tle, oth­ers are more func­tional and go for an air­port. Build­ing has some­thing very pos­i­tive about it and the pro­fes­sion of archi­tect appeals to many. Actu­ally, every­one is an archi­tect to a cer­tain extent. It’s really mag­i­cal to cre­ate some­thing new, some­thing that’s not yet there.

Books, mag­a­zines and the inter­net are full of beau­ti­ful exam­ples. You can leaf and surf end­lessly for beau­ti­ful images. You can fan­ta­size about your own dream cre­ation that will bring you every hap­pi­ness. It’s adventurous.

How­ever, Dream­ing is fine, but Doing can some­times get in the way. Many peo­ple dream away, but also feel a lit­tle uncer­tain about it because they don’t think they have enough knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence. But isn’t that the char­ac­ter­is­tic of adven­ture — that you don’t know how it will turn out or what will happen?

Would you like to build your own house but would you first like to have a prac­tice run?
Would you like to fol­low an archi­tec­ture work­shop with friends, because you’re inter­ested in archi­tec­ture?
Would you like to let your chil­dren see what archi­tec­ture involves?
Or maybe you would like an archi­tec­ture holiday?

Decide what you’d like and let FARO orga­nize it for you. Whether at your home, at FARO or abroad, everything’s pos­si­ble; we can design a cus­tomized pack­age to suit your wishes.

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