In 2007 we were the first to start online ‘taste test­ing’. The moti­va­tion for these study’s was that we could not believe that there is an big gap between the taste of archi­tects and the aver­age cit­i­zen.
In the media the dis­cus­sion is always about nam­ing the dif­fer­ences. But we are look­ing for the oppo­site; the similarity’s, con­nec­tions and com­bi­na­tions. If we can col­lect and increase our knowl­edge on the similarity’s we can really put our slo­gan “If you don’t build for peo­ple, who do you build for?” into practice.

Using the links you can try dif­fer­ent ‘taste test’s’. You can still give your over­all view using the orig­i­nal smaak​testned​er​land​se​won​ing​bouw​.nl. In addi­tion you may also give us your marks on our own work via the smaak​test​faro​.nl. In that way you can help us to remain sharp in our search for archi­tec­ture that is widely pub­lic supported.

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