01/​05/​2017 - FARO is par­tic­i­pat­ing in the Inno­va­tion Chal­lenge Dwelling, together with the other mem­bers of Team 3: Woon­tij, Fooq, LA4Sale, and BDO con­sul­tancy. You can now vote for the project here!

The Inno­va­tion Chal­lenge Dwelling is orga­nized by the Blomberg Soci­ety and the Vanen­burg Bestu-​urdersoverleg Won­ing­cor­po­raties. With the slo­gan ‘Change the games’ seven teams started work­ing towards answers to seven dif­fer­ent ques­tions. All team are multi-​disciplinary and cre­ate con­nec­tions between domains, fron­trun­ners, fresh thinkers, inno­va­tion par­ties, and sci­ence. The most inno­v­a­tive answer will be rewarded with the Cor­po­ra­tion Award 2017.

Team 3 has been work­ing on the Inno­va­tion­ques­tion: ‘What are the core ele­ments for afford­able sus-​tainable dwelling space that is suit­able for an unknown future demand for dwellings, and that will have cre­ated value for the ‘empty space’ when the dwellings are removed?’ The answer: hous­ing corpora-​tions can eas­ily adjust for changes with a flex­i­ble and move­able part of the dwelling stock. A con­cept that eas­ily con­nects to soci­etal demand, that offers sus­tain­able and high qual­ity dwellings, a much safer invest­ment for hous­ing cor­po­ra­tions, and a way to enrich the land­scape of Texel instead of harm­ing the land­scape. A con­cept that is not only pos­si­ble to deploy on Texel, but that could also be a good solu­tion for other locations.

Vote for the project here and watch the Team 3 video on YouTube!

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