FARO has ren­o­vated the shop­ping cen­ter in Borgele, a post-​war dis­trict in Deven­ter. The project involved both ren­o­vat­ing part of the exist­ing shop­ping cen­ter as well as con­struct­ing new shops with 20 apart­ments above and 24 low-​rise homes. A plan was also made for the design of the whole area.

The entire ren­o­va­tion is char­ac­ter­ized by its var­ied use of brick. The use of arched brick­work in the shop­ping center’s new and ren­o­vated sec­tions enhances the link between new and old, and gives the entire shop­ping cen­ter its own iden­tity and character.

Aging 1950s flats were demol­ished and replaced with low-​rise build­ings, adding another hous­ing type to a dis­trict that com­prised mainly stacked hous­ing. These homes are fin­ished in a var­ied mix of bricks left over from the cri­sis in the build­ing indus­try and which were ear­marked for grind­ing. What’s more, solar col­lec­tors and PV cells have enabled these homes to achieve a ‘zero-​meter-​reading’ designation.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

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