Alphen aan den Rijn is turn­ing into a real city. The to be devel­oped Boni­facius loca­tion will also become an area with urban con­struc­tion. The new Boni­facius school is the first step in the new urban plan that FARO is mak­ing for this part of Alphen.

The appear­ance of the build­ing will fit into the cur­rent urban archi­tec­ture with a brick plinth under a light metal façade. The brick will be enhanced with arcs: char­ac­ter­is­tic, rec­og­niz­able and strong. The lighter upper façade has hor­i­zon­tal lines and con­trasts with color and tex­ture. Build­ing the new school is part of the grander scheme for the Boni­facius loca­tion that will also house new apart­ments, assisted care res­i­dences, shops with a park­ing garage and, in the old school build­ing a hotel or restaurant.

The first build­ing of plan is now ready: the Roman Catholic ele­men­tary school Boni­facius. The build­ing refers both to the future as to the past. The design is evi­dently mod­ern but uses his­toric ele­ments. Ele­ments that we use in Roman and Medieval times and that we still use today, the same but dif­fer­ent: arcs, gates, walls and Boni­facius’ name for­ever in brick. All of this together cre­ates the archi­tec­tural image of a build­ing that’s part of a cen­tury long tra­di­tion and that will con­tribute to this tra­di­tion as well. Con­tribut­ing some­thing of our own time and cul­ture to a never end­ing devel­op­ment. The chil­dren will thus be taken into the his­tory of this location.

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