Bor­neo, a tongue of land in what used to be Amsterdam’s east­ern docks, is now a res­i­den­tial area. Sur­rounded by water and attended by wide views, it could be devel­oped in high den­sity low-​rise with less pub­lic space than usual. The required den­sity and the deviant plot sizes neces­si­tated using spe­cial dwelling types. The scheme has two faces; one part looks to the quay, the other to the broad cen­tral street. The more up-​market owner-​occupied units face onto the quay. Each of these units boasts a gross floor area of 118m² with out­door space and park­ing on a plot of no more than 77m². A partly roofed patio on the ground floor con­tains the car park­ing space and the front door. Up on the sec­ond floor is a roof ter­race open to the sun and offer­ing views out.

The 28 social rented units on the street side divide into 14 large patio dwellings of 131m² on the ground floor each with a maisonette above. The patio dwellings con­sist of a ‘living-​house’ on the street and a ‘sleep­ing– house’ at the back. This project sat­is­fies two require­ments made by West 8’s mas­ter­plan. The height of the ground floor is every­where 3.5m so as to enable changes of use in the future, and the prin­ci­pal cladding mate­r­ial is brick. As a result the project slots well into the plan as a whole.

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