FARO researches how to fill in the res­i­den­tial areas that are being cre­ated in the new plan West­flank in the Haar­lem­mer­meer. Small scale and diver­sity are the key phrases of this urban plan, fol­low­ing the exist­ing struc­ture of small towns in this polder. The plan pro­vides an excep­tional com­bi­na­tion of liv­ing, green, recre­ation and water.

The plan con­sists of five areas that all will have their own char­ac­ter. Near Zwaan­shoek, we’re think­ing of a small town around the lock and near Lis­ser­broek a town around a har­bor. Around Nieuw Ven­nep, the plan is to place houses on large lots along nav­i­ga­ble water­ways that are con­nected with the rest of the polder. The sand soils around Cruquius will house 1650 houses, sur­rounded by trees and woods. In the south­ern part liv­ing units will be cre­ated along the lines of estates: a long drive way lead­ing to large and small build­ings, a large gar­den or an orchard.

West­flank will house 10.000 new houses upon completion.

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