Cra­dle to Cra­dle in the polder’

For a world her­itage site, the story is just as impor­tant as the phys­i­cal object itself; a good story for a mon­u­ment sud­denly makes a his­tory les­son tan­gi­ble and inspir­ing. The cra­dle leg­end brings an extra dimen­sion to the sus­tain­able cradle-​to-​cradle phi­los­o­phy. ‘Cra­dle to Cra­dle in the polder’ weaves all kinds of points of view together; with atten­tion for both mate­r­ial as well as imma­te­r­ial her­itage. The craft of wil­low weav­ing is given a new impulse. Of course, we will also use mate­ri­als such as reed, flax and wil­low, used in the area for cen­turies, in mod­ern bio­com­pos­ites. As well as a role for pro­fes­sional design­ers, there is space for con­tri­bu­tion from local her­itage enthusiasts.

The pure engi­neer­ing land­scape will again become vis­i­ble and invit­ing for larger streams of vis­i­tors because of a new tourist bypass that has a flow­ing form and a clean-​up of parts of the age-​old rural water machin­ery. The new vis­i­tors’ cen­ter, com­plete with wil­low sculp­ture, is unique in form, but its use of mate­ri­als and col­ors from the area will make it fit beau­ti­fully within the cul­tural landscape.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

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