Task­force CO2 is a foun­da­tion estab­lished by FARO Research, VGG Mid­delkoop, bureau Nie­man and Amory + Jur­riens, fol­low­ing an ini­tia­tive of Eve­lyn van der Ploeg. We are work­ing together on inter­dis­ci­pli­nary research into CO2 reduc­tion and pos­si­bil­i­ties of trans­form­ing the exist­ing social rental hous­ing stock.

Eight hous­ing asso­ci­a­tions have all iden­ti­fied a com­plex to be inves­ti­gated in both short as well as long-​term sce­nar­ios. These stud­ies into the com­plexes have been com­mis­sioned by Agentschap NL and once com­pleted, over­all con­clu­sions can be drawn enabling the cor­po­ra­tions to make bet­ter strate­gic and pur­pose­ful use of their invest­ment bud­gets. For more infor­ma­tion see www​.task​force​co2​.nl. The research is partly sup­ported by Stim­u­ler­ings­fonds voor Architectuur.

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