The city of Almere orga­nized a design com­pe­ti­tion for urban vil­las and a res­i­den­tial tower for the Cas­cade park. The designs needed to fit within the ambi­tion to develop the Cas­cade park as a ‘win­dow of sus­tain­abil­ity’: an inspir­ing exam­ple for eco­log­i­cal, social and eco­nom­i­cal sustainability.

FARO designed the win­ning entry for a res­i­den­tial tower. The loca­tion of the tower is unique, as it, with at least 57 res­i­dences, will form the head (or tail) of the park. The tower is designed to become a part of the park: it will allow the park to be grow­ing on the pub­lic side of the tower in the form of green balconies.

The tower is sus­tain­able in the broad­est mean­ing of the term. The façade con­sists of glass and PV & PCM pan­els, the roof has sun col­lec­tors and rain water will be col­lected to irri­gate gar­dens and bal­conies. The build­ing is designed to be energy neu­tral over the year. Addi­tion­ally, the tower pro­vides a high level of social sus­tain­abil­ity: the res­i­dents will be involved with the park, the park is involved with the tower, and there is a num­ber of ele­ments that will pro­mote a neigh­bor­hood feel in this ver­ti­cal city. For exam­ple, the tower will have a restau­rant and col­lec­tive DIY shops and guest quar­ters for the use of residents.

The build­ing can be arranged in a num­ber of ways. The sys­tem used for con­struc­tion allows great flex­i­bil­ity in num­ber of res­i­dences and arrange­ments of floor plans. Should the future desire another way of liv­ing, this tower can be eas­ily adapted.

Accord­ing to the jury, FARO devel­oped a real­is­tic ‘com­fort­able sus­tain­able’ design for a res­i­den­tial tower.

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