We cel­e­brated the launch of our suc­cess­fully sold-​out Buitenge­woon Bajonet project in Rot­ter­dam in a play­ful way last week. At the start of the care­ful demo­li­tion, our project buy­ers were able to select their own recy­cled orna­ment, which will be incor­po­rated within the façade of their new home.

Buitenge­woon Bajonet is a demo­li­tion and ren­o­va­tion project in Rotterdam’s ‘oude Westen’. It’s right in the cen­ter of Rot­ter­dam and within walk­ing dis­tance of Rot­ter­dam CS, but it’s not yet a place many peo­ple would like to live with their fam­ily. The goal of this project is to attract exactly this new tar­get group, by offer­ing attrac­tive, afford­able fam­ily homes with gar­den, mar­keted with a lot of focus on indi­vid­ual buyers.

For FARO it was a fore­gone con­clu­sion that our project’s archi­tec­tural start­ing point should be the atmos­phere of the demol­ished 19th-​century build­ings. A care­ful analy­sis forms the basis for the new façades, and a smart build­ing box has been devel­oped to enable buy­ers to com­pose their ideal home. The lit­eral reuse of orna­ments from the for­mer build­ings forms part of this care­ful recon­struc­tion. These have been care­fully removed, cleaned, ren­o­vated and given a new place in the new façades.

19th cen­tury back in the cen­ter of Rotterdam

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