01/​09/​2016 - FARO has designed two spe­cials houses on the free build­ing plots of island 4 in the new liv­ing area Water­rijk in Woer­den. The Kok fam­ily has now moved into their new home: a green­house dwelling. The house has been spe­cially tai­lored to the fam­ily and is super sus­tain­able. The house pro­duces energy, and has been mate­ri­al­ized sus­tain­ably with black burned wood, pro­duced by for­mer FARO part­ner Pieter Wei­j­nen. Above all the house has become a com­fort­able fam­ily home, with the char­ac­ter­is­tic green­house as the heart of the home. The green­house gen­er­ates energy, extra liv­ing space and cool air dur­ing summer.

The dwellings are part of the Berlagekavels, spe­cial build­ing plots on cor­ners within the urban plan by West8.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

land­goed de olmen­horst
lis­ser­weg 487d
2165 as lisserbroek

ves­tig­ing oost
oude kraan 72
6811 ll arnhem

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