01/​06/​2018 - Through the trees we see Kerckebosch

Ker­cke­bosch is trans­formed into a new res­i­den­tial area in the beau­ti­ful wooded sur­round­ings of Zeist.

Thanks to the hedge struc­ture, every res­i­dent expe­ri­ences the atmos­phere of liv­ing in a for­est and the eco­log­i­cal con­nec­tion with the Utrecht land­scape. Res­i­dents indi­cate that they are excep­tion­ally happy with the bright liv­ing rooms and the spa­cious bal­cony. The mate­ri­als of the facade with nat­ural slates and clear lac­quered frames are also very popular.

FARO Archi­tects has designed 23 single-​family homes and 40 apart­ments in Ker­cke­bosch for Woon­goed Zeist and for DURA Vemeer.

Bosgaarde single-​family homes
To ensure urban plan­ning con­ti­nu­ity, we have built on the idiom of neigh­bor­ing ‘Boom­ing’ project. We looked for con­nec­tions in var­i­ous areas to cre­ate a strong sense of family.

But like in every fam­ily, there are dif­fer­ences also. We find that in the nuances. We make the head facades more open and even more invit­ing, as a mat­ter of course we also place the hous­ing entrances here.

By adding a sec­ond color of brick, we make a com­po­si­tion with the facades, which makes them infor­mal. The facade com­po­si­tion there­fore has some­thing of the sub­tle nuances of the bark of a tree. As we go deeper into the road, this infor­mal and the ref­er­ence of the trees becomes increas­ingly important.

Stu­if­duinen apart­ments
In Stu­if­duinen we build 40 apart­ments right next to the De Vossen­burg project from Woon­goed Zeist. This is a pow­er­ful and sculp­tural build­ing with grate­ful ingre­di­ents to build on!

The Bever­burg is a solid res­i­den­tial build­ing with 6 floors, for the loca­tion. The chal­lenge here was to shape the vol­ume so that it is friendly to its envi­ron­ment and that as many trees as pos­si­ble can be preserved.

A game of set-​backs, diag­o­nally placed bal­conies and the choice to replace the masonry facade with nat­ural slates in strate­gic posi­tions pro­vide the plas­tic to the build­ing. The dense para­pets in the same mate­r­ial as the facade pro­vide a bal­anced and calm image and pro­vide pri­vacy on the bal­conies. All inter­ven­tions together lead to an unam­bigu­ous build­ing, with max­i­mum artic­u­la­tion and a facade that does jus­tice to the uni­ver­sal­ity of the place.

FARO’s spear­heads are applied excel­lently in both projects. For exam­ple, for both projects, ecol­ogy and sus­tain­abil­ity, energy, the envi­ron­ment and health have been assumed. In our opin­ion, fan­tas­tic suc­cess. Liv­ing with nature around you, a dream that now comes true for many!

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