Twello | A super­mar­ket and sev­eral homes have been replaced and com­bined into one build­ing on the edge of the vil­lage cen­ter, beside the Twellose Beek. This has cre­ated one large build­ing between the vil­lage cen­ter and green­ery, a build­ing that is in keep­ing with the envi­ron­ment and cre­ates a lot of open space. Con­struc­tion started in the sum­mer, the floor of the 1st floor (= deck) has been laid and the build­ing is now ris­ing. (photo, Nikkels, left)

Lift takes senior cit­i­zens cars to the next level, Twello

Blar­icum | We are devel­op­ing a spe­cial liv­ing project ‘De Goois­che Gaerde’ in a beau­ti­ful loca­tion by the Oev­er­park in Blar­icum­mer­meent. Goois­che Gaerde is a project with a very diverse range of hous­ing. The liv­ing palette com­prises 11 spa­cious ter­raced homes, 4 semi-​detached homes, 4 linked homes, 2 detached vil­las and 2 semi-​bungalows. The Oeverpark’s flo­ral palette of meadow flow­ers and ‘De Meentstroom’ river form the décor of your future liv­ing envi­ron­ment. Con­struc­tion of the Goois­che Gaerde started in Blar­icum this week. All piles need to have been fit­ted prior to the Christ­mas break (impres­sion, right).

The old vil­lage was also mixed, Blaricum

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