Occa­sion­ally FARO designs spe­cial, indi­vid­ual homes for clients with archi­tec­tural or sus­tain­able ambi­tion. We often find poten­tial clients that are put off by the prospect of being such a client or peo­ple that have smaller bud­gets to real­ize their dream.

In order to also serve these peo­ple, we’ve con­tacted VDM, a rep­utable con­struc­tor of cat­a­logue homes. With them, FARO has real­ized the idea to develop sus­tain­able and archi­tec­tural cat­a­logue homes. We’ve devel­oped a good base con­struc­tion with a highly insu­lated roof and façade and with sus­tain­able instal­la­tions. The house qual­i­fies as a pas­sive home (with energy use of 15kWh/​m²), mak­ing it three times as effi­cient as a nor­mal house.

The archi­tec­ture of the house includes two dis­tinct facades: one with a lot of detail and one in verandah-​style. Both can be placed either in front or at the back. The design is a frame­work that can be mod­i­fied with the buyer. Col­ors and mate­ri­als can be cho­sen, types of win­dows and dorm­ers, exten­sions, garages etc. are all options.

Apart from the design, FARO will also inter­act with the buyer, guid­ing him in the options so an opti­mal price/​quality bal­ance will be achieved.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

land­goed de olmen­horst
lis­ser­weg 487d
2165 as lisserbroek

ves­tig­ing oost
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6811 ll arnhem

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