For chil­dren in spe­cial edu­ca­tion we need to do some­thing spe­cial. That was the start­ing point for this design. This group of chil­dren deserves a build­ing that is more than just accom­mo­da­tion. It needs be a build­ing in which the pupils feel at home. It shouldn’t just be about learn­ing; the atmos­phere needs to be homely too.

A detached build­ing was designed in the green­ery on Theo Mann Bouwmeester­laan in Beno­or­den­hout, The Hague, between the high-​rise 1970s build­ings. Two smaller schools were com­bined into one build­ing, cre­at­ing a cen­tral sec­tion to con­nect the two build­ings. This cen­tral sec­tion com­prises two halls, one for each school, that can be com­bined into one large hall. This cen­tral hall func­tions as the building’s liv­ing room in which all joint activ­i­ties can take place. Both schools and the Gym halls have their own entrances from this cen­tral area, mak­ing the build­ing acces­si­ble from all sides and ensur­ing that the var­i­ous traf­fic streams don’t hin­der each other.

The parts of the build­ing in which lessons are given com­prise class­rooms with wide cor­ri­dors. The most active com­po­nents of the pro­gram, such as home eco­nom­ics lessons, take place clos­est to the hall enabling easy com­bi­na­tions to be made.

The building’s exte­rior is char­ac­ter­ized by hor­i­zon­tal­ism: façades of yellow-​white brick­work of dif­fer­ing pat­terns and large eves on the sunny side. This is a sim­ple way to keep the sum­mer sun out and allow the win­ter sun through. The grounds around the build­ing are designed with as much green­ery as pos­si­ble, includ­ing trees, a veg­etable gar­den and hedging.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

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