Imag­ine this: small is large enough for you. This Tim­ber Inde­pen­dent Mobile, Tiny TIM, is smart about resource use, extremely energy effi­cient and has low liv­ing expenses.

Tiny TIM is flex­i­ble with a mul­ti­func­tional inte­rior. Every­thing hap­pens on 15 m2: stor­age space is hid­den under the kitchen with a slid­ing bed, the stairs have extra stor­age space, the couch turns into a bed, and the tech­ni­cal instal­la­tions are hid­den under the bathroom.

Tiny TIM is 90% wood. Wood is light, breathes, insu­lates, is strong, is mul­ti­func­tional. Tiny TIM uses wood sus­tain­able: the black burned facade pro­tects from ver­min, is water repel­lent, fire retar­dant, and paint­ing isn’t nec­es­sary! The wooden frames are made from pine and treated with vine­gar in order to weath­er­proof the wood. The base con­struc­tion is built from Struc­tural Insu­lated Pan­els (SIP-​panels), which cre­ate a light, strong, and breath­ing build­ing structure.

Tiny TIM is 100% sus­tain­able and autar­kic in water and energy use. The green, water puri­fy­ing façade fil­ters shower water, dish­wa­ter, and urine into clean drink­ing water. Two types of wind tur­bines gen­er­ate power with both high and lower wind speeds. The lim­ited space on the roof is max­i­mally used with the hybrid solar pan­els (PVT) gen­er­at­ing power from three dif­fer­ent sources: through solar cells and through the com­bi­na­tion of hot water and air. Energy is stored in a buffer tank with 500 liters of water to heat the tiny house and for hot tap water. Excess energy is stored in two bat­ter­ies, for the evenings and less sunny days.

Tiny TIM is mobile and can be trans­ported with the help of a trailer and a reg­u­lar driver’s license. Tiny TIM can be deployed on loca­tions where other solu­tions might be too expan­sive or tech­ni­cally impos­si­ble. Tiny TIM can thus func­tion as stu­dent hous­ing or for recre­ational pur­poses, but also as tem­po­rary housing.

Read more here or visit the web­site of Tiny TIM. Inter­ested in your very own Tiny TIM? Con­tact us: info@​tinytimhouse.​nl.

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