The archi­tec­tural theme for Nes­se­lande sub­plan 6.5 is ‘the Gar­den City’. FARO trans­lated this theme in a con­tem­po­rary way. The 136 single-​family homes and 4 homes for dis­abled peo­ple (the Orion Foun­da­tion) have been worked out in a clear block struc­ture with a dis­tinct dif­fer­ence between the inside and out­side. On the out­side the blocks seem quite for­mal with a three-​layer front façade; the inside of the block is more infor­mal with old-​fashioned rear doors when­ever pos­si­ble and inti­mate roofs. This dis­tinc­tion is also reflected in the rhythm of the block: the large scale and main roof line on the out­side as to the indi­vid­ual stepped gables on the inside.

The uni­fy­ing ele­ment is the design of the façade. All façades are designed in a masonry grid that man­i­fests itself as a ‘chess­board’ with a clear, but sub­tle change of struc­ture in the same stone color. Within this grid doors, win­dows, bay win­dows and also the stepped gable auto­mat­i­cally fall into place.

The Gar­den City feel­ing is enhanced by the dom­i­nant green char­ac­ter of the pub­lic space. Park­ing on the streets is lim­ited and is con­cen­trated in the inner court­yards. The car-​courts and pri­vate gar­dens are bor­dered by hedges, the front façades are located on inti­mate nar­row alley­ways and gar­den squares, or have front gardens.

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