‘A buyer’s influ­ence on the design and con­struc­tion of new homes will con­tinue to increase. Mod­ern con­sumers want choice and not just in the kitchen and bath­room. As a result, the fin­ished prod­uct is no longer pre­de­ter­mined and may even be some­thing of a sur­prise. The archi­tect is increas­ingly a direc­tor of pos­si­ble vari­a­tions.’ It was with this vision of the future that FARO took part in the com­pe­ti­tion ‘Het Wilde Wonen’ (The Wild Life) in 2001. Win­ning the com­pe­ti­tion resulted in the project ‘Gewild Wonen’ (Desired Life) which was built as part of the Bouw­expo in 2001 to cel­e­brate Almere’s 25th anniversary.

Prior to con­struc­tion buy­ers were able to make fun­da­men­tal deci­sions which can have a sig­nif­i­cant influ­ence on the final out­come of their home. The first choice con­cerns lot shape: deep or shal­low, wide or nar­row, with or with­out a dri­ve­way. The shape of the lot deter­mines the shape of the house. Start­ing with a basic home, com­plete in itself, many options, addi­tions and built-​ins can be added and arranged. In short a ver­i­ta­ble Lego box of pos­si­bil­i­ties. The build­ing blocks are adjusted to the right size and shape to meet indi­vid­ual needs and wishes, and a plethora of inte­rior vari­a­tions are also pos­si­ble. Just as with a new car, the house is deliv­ered in the pre­ferred color: red, brown, white, green or blue.

Tremen­dous vari­ety ‘ yet still with con­ti­nu­ity. The build­ings are all made of wood, and all the win­dow frames are white. Also, a wall of rus­tic Brad­stone sur­rounds the struc­tures. As with a book­case, whose over­all look never changes despite the fact that the vol­umes that fill it may vary, these houses form a sur­pris­ing but orches­trated whole.

This project attempts to answer an ever-​growing need, a need that has a great impact on the work of an archi­tect. The answer goes far­ther than a few inte­rior options or the oblig­a­tory ‘gevelt­jes plakken’ (hid­ing the same stan­dard house behind var­i­ous façades). It is true free­dom of choice, from a sin­gle person’s home/​office to a bungalow-​style flat for seniors. 28 dreams have given rise to 28 per­son­al­ized homes.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

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