One design for two clients on one lot above a semi-​subterranean park­ing space for 200 cars. NS Vast­goed and Woon­in­vest asked us to design respec­tively 68 and 92 dwellings in the urban plan of SVP. The houses for Woon­in­vest will also func­tion as sound bar­rier for the neigh­bor­hood behind them. The project lies in the nexus of the Laan van Ypen­burg and the rail­way. The par­tic­u­lar form of the build­ing flows with the max­i­mum heights allowed in the devel­op­ment plan and refers to the dynam­ics of the location.

Bright red brick and white frames char­ac­ter­ize the build­ing. The brick work in the façade shows nice details and each set of stairs have their own color. This way, the look of the build­ing changes with the dis­tance of the beholder. The exte­rior of the block is robust, in con­trast to the del­i­cate inside with its fine balconies.

All blocks are grouped around a deck on which each res­i­dence has its small ter­race. This stim­u­lates the respon­si­bil­ity and social aware­ness on the deck. On the street side, small encroach­ment zones have been added to stim­u­late the same involve­ment and social safety. The build­ing isn’t approached by a back alley, but via robust stair cases.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

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