At the edge of wide-​open coun­try­side in the province of Gronin­gen, on the bor­der of urban and rural, at the entrance to the new sub­di­vi­sion ‘de Held’ (the hero) in Gronin­gen, are 20 water­side homes. The plot of land between James Bald­win­straat and the pedes­trian dock is tapered, and the 20 lots that have been formed there vary from wide and shal­low to nar­row and deep. The gated gar­dens run along the street while the houses sit back against the water. The posi­tion of the houses directly on the quay with the high­est side fac­ing the water forms a dra­matic bor­der for the sub­di­vi­sion. The facades are clad in wood and have French bal­conies with shut­ters that are rem­i­nis­cent of old canal ware­houses and are well suited to the loca­tion. The wooden expanse of wall and acutely angled cor­ner are two more demar­ca­tions of the neigh­bor­hood ‘ albeit at a more indi­vid­ual level.

There is a sin­gle stan­dard model with a tra­di­tional ground floor: kitchen fac­ing the gar­den, and liv­ing room over­look­ing the water. A panorama win­dow at the back grants a wide view of the water from the com­fort of an armchair.

Front and back prop­erty lines bor­der pub­lic space and the nec­es­sary divi­sion has been incor­po­rated into the design. There’s a height dif­fer­ence on the water-​side which is made up for with a brick wall and rail­ing; a small stair­case in each gar­den leads directly to the dock. At street-​side each home has a car­port and wooden fence painted in the same color. The indi­vid­ual entrances are marked by a col­umn which con­tains the door­bell, inter­com, mail­box and light.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

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