Con­tracted by Wij­nen Pro­jec­ton­twik­kel­ing, FARO has designed approx­i­mately 175 homes above a park­ing garage in the dis­trict; the homes will be devel­oped over two lev­els and within three com­plexes. A sig­nif­i­cant pro­por­tion of the homes is being pur­chased by an investor, Altera Vast­goed NV, and a hous­ing cor­po­ra­tion, Alliantie.

The Hallen project’s main goal is to cre­ate an urban, pub­lic area with a bold cul­tural style. We sup­port the essence of this goal and aim to do this in a way that is not entirely clear-​cut. The style should not merely be indus­trial. Nor should it be a lit­eral exten­sion of the Hallen with ‘build­ing upon build­ing’ archi­tec­ture. Our inter­pre­ta­tion of this goal is an ensem­ble that responds pri­mar­ily to the Hallen, but also involves an inter­play of var­i­ous influ­ences. These influ­ences will com­bine to cre­ate a new layer in time; a layer in keep­ing with the new res­i­den­tial build­ing pro­gram, but with his­tor­i­cal references.

The three Hallen Zuid build­ings together form a col­lec­tive court­yard, designed as a gar­den on top of the park­ing garage. FARO’s design par­tic­u­larly empha­sizes the dis­tinc­tion between the robust and sturdy exte­rior and this court­yard, which is much lighter in color. This light color com­po­si­tion com­pen­sates for the lack of sun and day­light. The robust exte­rior refers to the remain­ing his­tor­i­cal indus­trial build­ings. How­ever, these ref­er­ences are not clear-​cut, as the build­ings will not hide the fact that they are res­i­den­tial homes. Seen from the pub­lic area each build­ing in the ensem­ble is in essence a bold struc­ture under a dou­ble roof with a sim­ple win­dow pattern.

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