FARO designed 76 houses for the Uitvin­der­s­bu­urt in Ede. The houses vary from large and small apart­ments, large and small ter­raced houses, houses that adapt to life phase of the res­i­dents and a few spe­cial houses for spe­cial res­i­dent groups.

The cen­tral design theme for field C is the ‘‘yard’’. This yard actu­ally is a mod­ern play­ground for the elderly. This is where the houses are with bed and bath­rooms on the ground floor so peo­ple can stay in their homes when they get older. The houses have doors that open up to small front gar­dens that bor­der to the ‘yard’. This is a car free, quite inte­rior area in the neighborhood.

The ‘yard’ is the cen­tral are in field C. The other houses lie on the outer rim of the field, along streets and the park. All houses are made of the same mate­ri­als and in the same col­ors. The brick used is the same, but is applied in vary­ing ways. A long hor­i­zon­tal canopy roof con­nects all houses. The low roof give the neigh­bor­hood a feel­ing of a gar­den city with a friendly face and many front yards. Most houses also have a back yard.

FARO Architecten Lisserbroek

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