Together with the res­i­dents of the dis­trict Oud Overdie in Alk­maar FARO made a plan for restruc­tur­ing the neigh­bor­hood. We orga­nized work­shops, excur­sions and town hall meet­ings for the cur­rent res­i­dents and lis­tened care­fully to what they had to say. This plan­ning process resulted in a clear pref­er­ence for a neigh­bor­hood square with a new, very dis­tinct build­ing. As a direct result of the trust we had gained from the neigh­bor­hood res­i­dents FARO was asked to design this build­ing. FARO made three ini­tial designs from which the res­i­dents could choose.

The build­ing is sit­u­ated on the Coorn­hertkade and is the first new build­ing in this area. Instead of a series of lower build­ings, we chose, with the res­i­dents, to cre­ate a com­pact build­ing of ten lay­ers. This way, the long views towards the park are kept unob­structed. The build­ing is higher than the rest of the neigh­bor­hood, this height was cho­sen in order not to dis­turb the park more than nec­es­sary. Despite the build­ing hav­ing ten lay­ers, the neigh­bor­hood never objected to its construction.

Since the build­ing is so tall, we chose to soften the height and use mate­ri­als that can already be found in the imme­di­ate sur­round­ings. The tiles, brick and white win­dow sills estab­lish a rela­tion with the exist­ing build­ings. The mate­ri­als are sus­tain­able and will age beau­ti­fully. Façades are cladded with roof tiles, in this way they scale down the ten storey building.

The pro­gram you find in this one build­ing is some­thing you would nor­mally find in one street or neigh­bor­hood: 60 res­i­dences and 60 park­ing spaces. The apart­ments vary in size and have flex­i­ble floor plans. They are flooded with light due to the high ceil­ings and all have auto­matic sun screens. Also a large bal­cony can be accessed from both the liv­ing and the bed­room. The ini­tial goal was to increase the res­i­den­tial flow through the neigh­bor­hood. The dif­fer­ent types of dwellings make this work; the build­ing has owner occu­pied apart­ments, rental and social rental apart­ments which makes 50% of the hous­ing afford­able for cur­rent res­i­dents of the neighborhood.

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